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We’re looking forward to launching our blog, but with 300+ potential bloggers, I hope you’ll understand we need to work out some scheduling. Just a bit. Meanwhile, GIAMers, if anyone out there wants to volunteer to help schedule and upload posts, contact me!

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It's not just about setting goals but holding oneself accountable for them. We encourage weekly recaps where you report all your writing progress during the past 7 days.


Some members are inspired by involvement, others lurk behind the scenes. Either way, the group dynamic tends to inspire everyone to drive a little faster toward their goals.


Our GIAMx communities are capped at 60 people so you always feel like you're among friends. Touching base weekly on writing progress and Life helps forge strong bonds among members.


Knowing that others want to hear about your achievements and even your setbacks can make a world of difference in your efforts. Soon, you'll find you don't want to be the one to break the chain of progress.